2017 xmas closure

Closing your office during the 2017 holiday period

Anita van Wyk HR Advice, HR Manger

While the run up to Christmas can be just as intense, Christmas Eve marks the beginning of the summer shutdown. Many offices traditionally close for the week between Christmas and New Year, with others running on just a skeleton staff for the first few weeks of January. Closing in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day provides the perfect …

cashflow management

7 Key Numbers that drive Profit & Cashflow

Anita van Wyk CFO Services

When times get tough it’s natural for business owners to focus on cutting costs and trying as hard as you can to increase revenue, but there are many other drivers of profit and ultimately cashflow, that with a few tweaks and close monitoring, can achieve significant improvements in both profit and cashflow. Given a large number of businesses are feeling …

casual employee termination notice

Casual Employee Termination Notice

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

Generally, a Casual Employee is defined as: The employment of a casual employee may be terminated by either party without notice, unless notice is required by a registered agreement, award or employment contract. Before you give your casual employee termination notice, consider managing his/her poor performance first. Enter your email below to instantly download our FREE ebook: “Step by Step …

abandonment of employment

Abandonment Of Employment

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

Abandonment of employment occurs in cases where there is a clear act by the employee (other than a deliberate and intended resignation) that indicates the employment relationship is at an end. Failure by the employee to advise the reason for any absence more than three (3) sequential working days, without being excused or giving proper notification, will be abandonment of …

performance review tips

Performance Review Tips

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

Here are a few Do’s and Don’t performance review tips to keep in mind when conducting your next performance discussion with an employee. Performance Review Tips – The Do’s Do get to the cause of the problem Do have all discussions face to face Do keep it formal Do have examples ready. Dates, results, quotes of conversations, witness statements, your observations. …

probationary employee termination

Probationary Employee Termination

Anita van Wyk Blog, HR Advice

So, what can you do if a Probationary Employee is underperforming? All new employees are placed on 6 months’ probation and will require a Performance Plan that sets out realistic and achievable goals to be met by the probationer during their probationary period. The probationer must be closely monitored and given ongoing and frequent support throughout this period. Should the …

Protecting Vulnerable Workers

Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill passed Parliament

Anita van Wyk Payroll

Franchisors and holding companies will now be held accountable for the underpayment of wages, poor wages record keeping and non-issuing of compliant pay slips.   The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 passed the Parliament on 5 September giving the Fair Work Ombudsman capacity to take action in cases of exploitation of vulnerable workers. What does this mean …

employee misconduct

Employee Misconduct

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

What is employee misconduct? And what can you do about misconduct or suspected misconduct? Summary dismissal occurs when someone’s employment is terminated immediately and without notice. An employee can be summarily dismissed where they are guilty of serious misconduct. You only need to pay that employee for time worked up to the moment of termination. Both substantive and procedural fairness …

how to terminate an employee

How To Terminate An Employee

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

On occasions, after following the step by step managing poor performance process, and where performance or behaviour has not improved or been sustained, it may be necessary to terminate the employee’s employment contract. To avoid unlawful dismissals you need to give the employee appropriate notice in writing. What amount of notice must be given? An employer needs to know how …

Managing Poor Performance

Anita van Wyk HR Advice

As a manager or a business owner/operator we need to deal with this problem by managing poor performance the right way. We have all worked with people that just don’t perform. Whether it is inappropriate behaviour, complete disregard for professional standards or they’re just not up to the job. Whatever the reason, when it comes to business it can be …