Virtual HR Manager – what’s in it for you?

Most of us view HR as the person or department, that takes care of procedures and compliance – things like compensation and benefits, employee assistance and labour relations, but the truth is that’s only part of the picture.

The other component is more strategic in nature and focuses on development Vs operational. Specifically;

» organisational development
» cultural alignment
» people development

Here’s the secret: Incorporating input from both sides can propel your organisation to higher levels of productivity, quality, and innovation. This is what we call ‘value-added’ HR and the role of a good HR Manager.

For most businesses hiring a good HR Manager is cost prohibitive, after all they are a valuable asset, which is why we have created the virtual HR Manager solution.

We provide the technology, tools, expertise and advice, you access it on an ‘as need’ basis.

Solutions to your problems

In our experience business owners and/or decision makers find the following ‘people problems’ their biggest source of pain – this is where a Virtual HR Manager can help.

The war for talent

A study of companies that are renowned for their ability to attract and retain talent (Sears, Southwest Airlines, Edward Jones to name a few) found, one key finding was that all of these companies implemented competency based position profiles so that employees understood the skills and abilities required to move into other roles, including leadership positions.

The right people, doing the right jobs

The base of your HR system must be designed on the business’ strategic goals. Recruitment selection, development, incentive and retention strategies should be aligned accordingly.

We take a holistic approach to ensure your employees fit the position criteria and company culture. We can also perform Hogan Personality Profiles on preferred candidates to ensure you truly know who you are recruiting.

They cost a lot, employees that is – Performance and Productivity

Low performance, dysfunctional culture and high turnover impacts profitability and can significantly affect the morale and culture of your business. Our HR Manager will measure employee behaviours and performance based on key business priorities. Integrating the strategic elements into the broader fabric of an organisation provides a significant value to all shareholders and ensures you have top performing employees.

We’ve left the best to last – termination and unfair dismissal claims

Why do we so readily run to call IT when our computer stops working, but when faced with an HR matter we fail to ask for professional HR advice and guidance to prevent the risk of a possible tribunal claim? It’s a good question, we’re not sure of the answer either. Our advice, don’t act retrospectively.

However, if the situation does arise (and it often does) then we are here to support you. Truth be told, this is how many of our clients first discover us – a once off advice request turns into a partnership you can’t afford to do business without.

We believe that good business strategy includes people as a source of competitive advantage and a management culture that supports the belief.

We are passionate about improving your business productivity and creating employers of choice through best practice HR Management.

Our approach

  • Connector.

    STEP 1: Strategic Planning Session and Report

    We will conduct a strategic planning session with the business owner/decision makers to discuss and review the current HR process and procedures, compliance requirements, identify any immediate issues and to determine the key performance indicators that are driving performance, productivity and ultimately profit in the business.
    We will provide a report outlining our findings, proposed recommendations and strategies to deal with immediate issues as well as opportunities for improving performance over the longer-term.

  • Connector.

    STEP 2: Implementation and Training

    We will work with you and your team to integrate the relevant HR solution into your business including, where appropriate;
    » implementation of the Employment Hero technology – A system designed to automate and manage the employee lifecycle, employee benefits program, HR reporting, HR compliance and integration of payroll services
    » creation of a customised suite of compliant employment contracts
    » creation of a customised suite of compliant HR documents used to communicate with employees throughout the employment lifecycle
    » creation of customised HR policies to suit the obectives and needs of the business
    » set-up a performance management system that focuses on the key values, culture and critical KPIs driving performance in your business
    » appropriate training of key people to ensure the solution’s value is maximised at both an employer and employee level

  • Connector.

    STEP 3: Ongoing Management

    Our ongoing management services include:
    » compliant on-boarding of employees
    » compliant life cycle management of employees – the right documentation delivered at the right time (probation, pay increases, promotions, transfers, warnings, termination)
    » performance and productivity support including; ongoing strategy reviews, employee surveys, access to on-demand advice, management training and personal development workshops aimed at creating ‘effective leaders’
    » recruitment support and/or management

  • Connector.

    STEP 4: Integrated Advice

    Proactive advice is at the core of the lucent philosophy. We go beyond traditional process and compliance to help our clients implement new and improved methodologies; our aim is for all our clients to become best of breed employers, have a team that loves what they do, a culture to be envied and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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Virtual HR Manager – Packages

Hire to Retire

The business of employee onboarding, offboarding and everything in-between can be a mindfield of changing legislation, compliance rules, paperwork and seemingly endless record keeping. With lucent’s ‘hire to retire’ package the burden is on us! From Day 1, until the Day they leave your employees are managed effectively and compliantly. This package includes all the tools, processes and expertise needed to manage the lifecycle of your employees.

Package Includes

From $25

Per Employee/ Month
  • Employment Hero
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employment contracts, compliance letters and HR policies (customisation available)
  • Employee termination and offboarding
  • Ongoing process management
  • Ongoing advice and support
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People & Profit

“Don’t put in half the effort unless you’re ok with half the results” – This package is designed for businesses who are serious about getting the most out of their people. Align your HR strategy with your overall business strategy, create a high performing and highly engaged team and watch the productivity and bottomline of your business grow.

Package Includes

From $695

Per Month
  • Customised performance management system
  • Employee competency and review templates
  • Annual strategic HR plan
  • Management of employee satisfaction surveys and associated reporting
  • People management and leadership training for senior managers
  • Ongoing advice and support
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Recruit Right

If you would prefer to ‘go it alone’ when hiring employees then our ‘Recruit Right’ package is for you. An end to end support framework, ‘Recruit Right’ will give you the tools required to ensure you get it right, the first time – Our holistic approach does not just focus on the skills and expertise of an individual but more importantly their cultural fit.

Package Includes


Per Recruitment
  • Role & requirements scoping
  • Position description creation
  • Job advertisement preparation
  • Set of tailored interview questions for both phone and face to face
  • Tailored reference check questionaire
  • Online personality profile and cultural fit assessment
  • Advice & support
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Recruit Manager

An end to end recruitment solution, our premium package includes all the benefits of ‘Recruit Right’ in conjunction with their implementation and management. This package is perfect for the business owner who does not have the time or internal resources to manage this crucial process correctly.

Package Includes


Per Recruitment
  • ‘Recruit Right’ package
  • Placement of job role advertisements
  • Conduct interviews (phone and face to face)
  • Put forward short list of candidates
  • Conduct reference check of chosen candidate
  • Contact and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of employment for successful candidate
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