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Here’s How To Take Your Service Business To The Next Level Of Profitability Without Hiring More Staff Or Lifting Your Prices

Want to get the critical financial insights you need to manage your service-based business? Want to turn your business into a well-oiled profit-making machine? Need to know what’s driving profit and cash flow?

Here Lucent Advisory share the truth about the 7 Secrets Of High-Profit Service Firms – and how you can use them right away.

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The 3 Secrets Every Not for Profit CEO Needs To Know To Report With Clarity

Avoid Nasty, Nasty Surprises That Could Derail You!

Here’s how to trust your financial data and report with confidence without having to hire an expensive full-service internal Finance and HR team.

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How We Saved Our Client Over $106,000 In Annual Taxes Just By Following These Simple Steps

Do you know how much tax you are going to pay this year? How will paying your tax bill impact your cash flow? Are you using the right structures and reimbursement vehicles to minimise your tax?

Uncover the 9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax – and see how much you could be saving.

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3 Tips For Practice Managers Who Want To Succeed

Need accurate and reliable data at your fingertips to report with confidence to your practice owner?

Need to realise greater efficiencies, now!?  Learn how to gain an unfair advantage and whip your practice operations into shape, fast.

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We’re Different

At Lucent advisory, we believe if you can trust your data and get the most from your people, then you have the tools required to make informed decisions and grow your business with confidence.

We believe that, for businesses to really thrive, both Finance and Human Resources must work in harmony.

That is why we offer solutions for both.

about us

How We Work

Audit and Report

A specialist will conduct an audit of your existing finance and HR to identify areas for process improvement, technology enhancement and identify where efficiency can be realised.

Implementation and Training

We will work closely with you and your team to integrate the recommended systems and processes into your business.

Ongoing Management

Operating as an extension of your business, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager and will have access to a team of bookkeeping and tax professionals with accounting qualifications.

Integrated Advice

Business compliance and the Australian tax system is complex and changes regularly, but as specialist finance professionals, we keep up to date.

Why Choose Us

When you outsource your accounts to Lucent advisory, you’ll enjoy a solution that brings efficiency and improvements to your processes and integrity to your numbers

Lucent advisory is not your typical advisory firm.

We understand the needs of modern business, and we know what it takes to be successful in it. Unlike our peers, we consider both your critical success factors – your numbers and your people. Our solutions are designed to maximise your performance, improve your processes and deliver data you can trust.

Formed in 2005, at Lucent Advisory we consider ourselves part of a new generation of tech-smart, cloud-savvy business advisors.

We aim to empower Australia’s local businesses by providing them with complete and innovative business solutions through computer-based cloud accounting. Our specialisations include Cash Flow Management, Human Resource Management, HR & Payroll Outsourcing, CFO Advisory, Tax Planning, & Bookkeeping Services.

What does this mean?

In our view traditional accounting and HR models tend to be both retrospectives in nature and focus primarily on process and compliance. Undeniably these are functions that every business must undertake, but they do nothing to actually improve your performance or bottom-line.

We take a very different approach – for us the objective of these activities is to automate and systemise in a way that brings efficiency to your operation, truth to your numbers and productivity through your people. We believe if you can trust your data and get the most from your team, then you have the tools required to make informed decisions and grow with confidence.

We have dedicated professionals in each of the finance and HR disciplines because we believe that for businesses to really thrive these two functions must work in harmony.

Although all our services are offered independently of each other, when utilised together, they complement each other in an efficient way that maximises value and compounds returns.

7 Secrets of High-Profit Service Firms

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The 7 Secrets Of High-profit Service Firms

Through many years of experience helping Australian businesses flourish, we have discovered the 7 secrets to high-profit service firms.

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In this free report, you will...

  • Get proven, actionable steps you can take now to drastically improve the profitability of your business.

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  • The single most important metric we have used to help countless businesses unlock their profit potential.

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Our Trusted Partners

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What People Say

“Since switching to Employment Hero our pay runs have become much easier with leave management, but we have gained so much more from the use that we didn’t expect. It’s easy to use for the end-user, our employees, so the uptake and use of it has been amazing – even for the technophobes!”

Prue Welsh, CRA Building Services

“With a team that is available, approachable and professional, they now take care of my business bookkeeping, accounting and taxation needs. I find that Lucent advisory will work with their clients to achieve the results they need to make timely business decisions, even if it means that they customise your reporting needs to suit your style. I have referred several people to join as Lucent Advisory clients who are now grateful to finally find a financial team that cares. I recommend them for all accounting services no matter how big or small.”

Cara Miller, CEO, Sound Radiology

“One of our biggest challenges is to keep abreast of all the awards and legislation when it comes to managing our staff. Lucent advisory not only offered competitive pricing but were very thorough and transparent. Engaging their services has definitely saved us time and improvement has been noted. Lucent advisory are efficient, professional and approachable.”

Ros Daniels, Mordangood Maintenance

“Since working with the team at Lucent we have achieved a better understanding of our business performance.”

Brigitte Lane, Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility

“A really great job to get the annual payroll tax reconciliations done so efficiently and with great understanding.”

Greg Hayes, Norbar Financial Accountant

“Lucent Advisory has been so helpful with the stressful situation of migrating software for a large established business. Since implementing Employment Hero our department has saved hundreds of hours and we’ve also outsourced our payroll processing to Lucent Advisory too. It’s great to work with such a talented team who add great value as outsourced HR consultants to Konica.”

Yuri Matsui, Senior H.R. Manager at Konica Minolta Aus & NZ

“With no dedicated HR resource, Lucent were engaged to set up Employment Hero software. Now 6 months on… we are building on the successful setup to improve HR management by ensuring Lucent’s knowledge and services benefit our HR management and employee engagement.”

Chris Collins, Burge Barossa

“To my Lucent dream team, thank you so much for all of your help, support, guidance and hard work this year in supporting clarity; it has been a crazy year and a stressful time that has been made much easier knowing there is a kind, helpful and caring team behind it. I’m really grateful for all your hard work, thank you.”

Sarah Watson, Managing Director, Clarity Massage & Wellness

“Thank you for everything – there’s not a day that I am not so very grateful to have made the change to Lucent and have you supporting me. I really can see light at the end of the tunnel in the near future. Thank you sincerely.”

Katrina, Director, Pinky’s Fencing