The 7 secrets of high-profit services firms Cover


The 7 Secrets Of High-Profit Service Firms

The profitability of your business is essential to its future. It’s not just about making more and more: money is the fuel that pushes your business and your vision forward. If you want to see your vision for your company to become a reality, you are going to need to be profitable.

Implementing the 7 secrets into your business is entirely possible for you. Each of the secrets is entirely possible but it will require you to change your mindset and your behaviour

Rachael Turner – Managing Director

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What People Are Saying:

Sarah Wilson – Clarity Welless

“Rachel and her team have provided me with clarity and confidence in managing my growing business.”

Brigitte Lane – Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility

“Since working with the team at Lucent we have achieved a better understanding of our business performance.”

Important Lessons We’ll Cover

  1. What’s really driving profit and cash flow in your professional service business (and it’s not revenue)
  2. How you can motivate your team to drive their own performance that is aligned with YOUR goals without burning them out or losing them to bigger firms
  3. How you can get the critical financial insights you need to manage your business and make effective decisions each month without trawling through pages and pages of reports that make absolutely no sense
  4. How you can get these insights in “real-time” without waiting months for your accountant to do your taxes before you have accurate information
  5. How you can end the chaos and turn your business into a well-oiled profit-making machine!

About The Author

managing director of lucent advisory

Lucent’s passionate Managing Director, Rachael Turner, believes in helping businesses prosper. She leads over a dozen financial professionals who are also dedicated to the Lucent philosophy of assisting Australian to expand their businesses in profitable and sustainable ways.

Rachael is a Chartered Certified Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser with over 20 years diverse experience in Australia and the UK. At Lucent, she draws on her experience in the commercial sector, where she worked in top-tier corporations including British Airways and the British Airport Authority in the UK, and Origin Energy, ARTC and BAE Systems in Australia, to provide expert advice and business strategies.

Rachael understands first hand the top quality financial systems employed by major companies. It’s her belief that these same impeccable systems and high-level advisory should be accessible to smaller businesses at affordable prices. Through Lucent, her goal is to deliver these quality systems to empower business owners to take control of their finances and gain access to the vital information they need to grow and thrive.

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