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Our History

Formed in 2005, at Lucent Advisory we consider ourselves part of a new generation of tech-smart, cloud-savvy business advisors.

Initially born to help businesses move into computer-based cloud accounting, HR and payroll outsourcing, we have evolved into an end-to-end business management solution.

Proactive advice is at our core, and as highly motivated finance and HR professionals, we believe in a single shared philosophy.

We are proud members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand which means working with us is backed by international standards in tactics and ethics.

About Lucent Advisory
Chartered Accountants of AUS & NZ

Virtual CFO Association Awards

Our Philosophy

In our view, traditional accounting, HR and advisory models tend to be retrospective in nature and focus primarily on process and compliance. Undeniably these are functions that every business must undertake, but they do nothing to improve your performance or bottom-line. We take a very different approach. For us, the objective of these activities is to automate and systemise in a way that brings efficiency to your operation, truth to your numbers and productivity through your people.

We believe if you can trust your data and get the most from your people, then you have the tools required to make informed decisions and grow your business with confidence.

But data you can trust is only part of the picture. The real value is in how you interpret and use this data to drive strategy. This is where Lucent Advisory’s services play their part.

Your business deserves high-level, strategic advice.

At Lucent, we have dedicated professionals in each of the finance and HR disciplines because we believe that for businesses to really thrive these two functions must work in harmony.

Although our services are offered independently of one another, we offer a solution that can be easily integrated, if and when the need arises.

Data integrity together with high-level interpretation equates to your ‘best business’.

Meet Our Management Team

Lucent Advisory is a team of 20+ highly accredited accounting and HR professionals located in Adelaide.

As a team, we are passionate about delivering proactive accounting, HR and business advisory services. We leverage technology, innovation and the cloud to deliver exceptional results for SMEs across Australia.

Rachael Turner

Lucent’s passionate Managing Director, Rachael Turner leads over 15 highly accredited accounting and HR professionals who are also dedicated to the Lucent philosophy of assisting Australians to expand their businesses in profitable and sustainable ways.

Fraser Barry

Fraser’s background in customer service roles has left him with great communication and relationship-building skills. In addition, he has completed his Bachelor of Commerce, his MBA and he’s a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA).

Sophie McDonald

Sophie’s focus has always been obtaining the best outcomes for clients. She achieves this through attention to detail and a positive attitude, which she brings into her role at lucent, along with many years of experience and knowledge.

Simon Wagner

Lucent Advisory's talented manager of outsourced CFO Services, Simon Wagner has over 7 years experience on our team and is an expert with advising the not for profit sector.

Jack McCarron

Jack's friendly nature and love of numbers makes him an effective leader of our full service outsourced finance team.

Sunny Sandhu

With a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (minor in Computer Science) and a Masters in Human Resource Management, Sunny combines the love of automation and numbers with people management processes that are the most efficient and accurate that you have ever seen.

Ruth Ottewill

With over 20 years of big corporate payroll with KPMG, BHP, Peregine Group and Origin Energy, Ruth understands the importance of getting payroll right and on time each and every pay, balancing the numbers while understanding the human element of paying your people.

Lucent Advisory

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Why Choose Us

What People Say

“One of our biggest challenges is to keep abreast of all the awards and legislation when it comes to managing our staff. Lucent advisory not only offered competitive pricing but were very thorough and transparent. Engaging their services has definitely saved us time and improvement has been noted. Lucent advisory are efficient, professional and approachable.”

Ros Daniels, Mordangood Maintenance

“Thank you for everything – there’s not a day that I am not so very grateful to have made the change to Lucent and have you supporting me. I really can see light at the end of the tunnel in the near future. Thank you sincerely.”

Katrina, Director, Pinky’s Fencing

“To my Lucent dream team, thank you so much for all of your help, support, guidance and hard work this year in supporting clarity; it has been a crazy year and a stressful time that has been made much easier knowing there is a kind, helpful and caring team behind it. I’m really grateful for all your hard work, thank you.”

Sarah Watson, Managing Director, Clarity Massage & Wellness

“Since working with the team at Lucent we have achieved a better understanding of our business performance.”

Brigitte Lane, Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility

“With a team that is available, approachable and professional, they now take care of my business bookkeeping, accounting and taxation needs. I find that Lucent advisory will work with their clients to achieve the results they need to make timely business decisions, even if it means that they customise your reporting needs to suit your style. I have referred several people to join as Lucent Advisory clients who are now grateful to finally find a financial team that cares. I recommend them for all accounting services no matter how big or small.”

Cara Miller, CEO, Sound Radiology

“Lucent Advisory has been so helpful with the stressful situation of migrating software for a large established business. Since implementing Employment Hero our department has saved hundreds of hours and we’ve also outsourced our payroll processing to Lucent Advisory too. It’s great to work with such a talented team who add great value as outsourced HR consultants to Konica.”

Yuri Matsui, Senior H.R. Manager at Konica Minolta Aus & NZ

“Since switching to Employment Hero our pay runs have become much easier with leave management, but we have gained so much more from the use that we didn’t expect. It’s easy to use for the end-user, our employees, so the uptake and use of it has been amazing – even for the technophobes!”

Prue Welsh, CRA Building Services

“With no dedicated HR resource, Lucent were engaged to set up Employment Hero software. Now 6 months on… we are building on the successful setup to improve HR management by ensuring Lucent’s knowledge and services benefit our HR management and employee engagement.”

Chris Collins, Burge Barossa

“A really great job to get the annual payroll tax reconciliations done so efficiently and with great understanding.”

Greg Hayes, Norbar Financial Accountant