Our History

A new generation of
tech-smart, cloud-savvy advisors

Although 13 years old, at lucent advisory (formerly Lucent Financial and Essential HR) we consider ourselves part of a new generation of tech-smart, cloud-savvy business advisors.

Initially born to help businesses move into computer-based cloud accounting, hr and payroll, we have evolved into an end-to end business management solution.

Proactive advice is at our core and as highly motivated finance and hr professionals we believe in a single shared philosophy.


Our Philosophy

The lucent philosophy is based on pioneering change. We empower business owners/ CEOs by providing clarity about their operations and light the road to success.

What does this mean?

In our view, traditional accounting, HR and advisory models tend to be both retrospective in nature and focus primarily on process and compliance. Undeniably these are functions that every business must undertake, but they do nothing to actually improve your performance or bottom-line. At lucent we take a very different approach. For us the objective of these activities is to automate and systemise in a way that brings efficiency to your operation, truth to your numbers and productivity through your people.

We believe if you can trust your data and get the most from your people, then you have the tools required to make informed decisions and grow your business with confidence.

But, data you can trust is only part of the picture. The real value is in how you interpret and use this data to drive strategy. This is where lucent’s advisory services play their part.

Your business deserves high-level, strategic advice.

At lucent we have dedicated professionals in each of the finance and HR disciplines because we believe that for businesses to really thrive these two functions must work in harmony.

Although our services are offered independently of one another, we offer a solution that can be easily integrated, if and when the need arises.

Data integrity together with high-level interpretation equates to your ‘best business’.


lucent advisory is a team of 15+ highly accredited accounting and HR professionals located in Adelaide.

As a team we are passionate about delivering proactive accounting, HR and business advisory services. We leverage technology, innovation and the cloud to deliver exceptional results for SMEs across Australia.

Meet Our Management Team

Contact us on 08 8471 7007 or via email.