The Only Certainties in Life: Death and Taxes

Life's Certainties: Death and Taxes

Every industry has a few cliches or familiar phrases to contend with, and tax accountants are no exception.

The quote “”The Only Two Certainties In Life Are Death And Taxes”” is thought to have originated in a 1789 letter from Benjamin Franklin to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, a prominent French scientist – long before being popularised by Mark Twain. Truth be told, the sentiment appeared earlier in Daniel Defoe’s ‘The History of the Devil’, c1726: “”Things as certain as Death and Taxes can be more firmly believ’d.””

Well, 295 years have passed since, and yes, both Mr Defoe and Mr Franklin were right: Taxes are a certainty in our modern lives.

Now is about the time of year you start thinking, how will I end up this Financial Year?

But June doesn’t have to be a confronting or stressful time of year when you have the right advice and team behind you.

Working with individuals and businesses, our tax accountants are responsible for analysing data, reporting and providing advice on various issues and proactive changes. Combining numeracy, research and legal skills, our expert team finds it incredibly rewarding to put together solutions and tailored advice to help clients make sound financial decisions.

We can support you now, well before and after June 30th to have more certainty in your business and taxes.

Get in touch here to start the conversation with the tax experts at Lucent Advisory.

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