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We have mechanics for our cars, dentists for our teeth and teachers for our children.

We understand the need to use experts in our everyday life to help care for our health, educate our community and take care of our assets.

But would you employ a mechanic full time for your family car? Or visit the dentist every day? You know you need their help but …every day? That’s not the best use of your time or budget.

Does your business need expert financial management but can’t justify the cost of a full-time internal CFO?

Maybe you already have a bookkeeping staff and an external tax accountant?

In the spirit of transparency, here is our key insight – after years of working in the finance sector:

A bookkeeper is not qualified enough to give businesses the strategic insights you need. Their focus is on ensuring the historical data records are accurate and ‘the bills’ are paid.

Your tax accountant doesn’t have the specific financial management expertise you need. They ensure your business is meeting the evolving ATO obligations under GST, PAYG, BAS etc. Their primary focus is ensuring historical information is correct – ie financial statements and tax returns.

A virtual CFO service can provide you with expert financial management for growing businesses – without the executive price tag. Lucent Advisory are expert tax accountants in Adelaide, and we tailor our Virtual CFO services to the needs of your business.

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