A Guide to Successful Probationary Termination

So, what can you do if a Probationary Employee is underperforming? All new employees are placed on 6 months’ probation and will require a Performance Plan that sets out realistic and achievable goals to be met by the probationer during their probationary period. The probationer must be closely monitored and given ongoing and frequent support throughout this period.

Probationary Employee Termination

Should the probationer demonstrate poor performance and/or undesirable behaviour, the manager must follow a similar process outlined here, only on a much smaller scale.

Probationary Employee Termination process

As part of the probationary employee termination process, informal discussions should be held on a frequent basis to identify the cause of the problem, giving the probationer an opportunity to respond to the issues raised and assist the probationer in identifying ways to improve performance and/or modify behaviour.

If performance or behaviour does not improve or is short-lived, it will be necessary to have formal performance discussions regarding the probationer’s performance and/or behaviour.

If it becomes clear that the probationer is not the right fit for role and that you wish not to continue their employment, it is necessary to provide them, in writing, a letter that they have not passed their probationary period.

You will still be required to provide notice as per the Termination Notice Period set out in the NES, i.e. 1 week.

Please click here for a sample unsuccessful probation letter

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