HLucent Achieves Efficiency Breakthrough With Dext

Fraser Barry Portrait

Fraser Barry, Lucent Advisory’s Manager of Outsourced Services is leading the way for businesses working ‘in the cloud’ and is engaged with the best financial technology.

Fraser recently caught up with the Dext team to talk about the power of automation and providing a recommendation for this timesaving software. As a big advocate for streamlining and automation – Fraser enjoys finding new and innovative ways to speed up processes and ultimately, deliver greater value to the clients at Lucent Advisory.

Before Dext, Fraser and the team would have clients chasing them and asking how they performed this month while they were still chasing the clients and having to manually process data. Dext now allows Lucent to take control of receiving and collating documents automatically without wasting time on manual processes or duplicate records.

Using Dext, Lucent can auto-publish client records, rapidly complete bank reconciliations and no longer need to chase clients as all of the documents are submitted on time. All that clients need to do is upload a photo of their receipts in the Dext app or send invoices to their dedicated Dext submission email. Operating an automated system allows Lucent to give clients the timely information they need to make crucial business decisions before opportunities are missed.

The benefits for us and our clients – based on our submissions in April 2021, Lucent managed to save approximately 135 hours of time using DEXT Software!  For our clients, providing real-time data and tracking business performance month on month, we help businesses to operate at a higher level.

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At Lucent Advisory we work with and recommend Dext, our team can show you easy it is to implement in your business.  Start the new financial year saving time and money by automating daily business functions and invest resources elsewhere.

Click here to read the DEXT Case Study, to gain more insight into this powerful automation tool.

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