Powerful Performance Review Tips for Success

Here are a few Do’s and Don’t performance review tips to keep in mind when conducting your next performance discussion with an employee.

Performance Review Tips

Performance Review Tips – The Do’s

  1. Do get to the cause of the problem
  2. Do have all discussions face to face
  3. Do keep it formal
  4. Do have examples ready. Dates, results, quotes of conversations, witness statements, your observations.
  5. Do remain friendly and calm, focus on the problem
  6. Do tackle the problem ‘head on’
  7. Do try and offer assistance
  8. Do keep the discussions and issues confidential.
  9. Do take notes. Try to make your notes exact as possible as to what was said, eg Martha said “you have been over an hour late for work every day for the past 3 weeks. Can you please explain?” Mat said “I slept in past my alarm clock.” He gave no other explanation and said it in an angry tone.

Performance Review Tips – The Don’ts

  1. Don’t ask, suggest or even indicate someone to resign
  2. Don’t performance counsel someone via the e­mail or over the phone
  3. Don’t formally counsel someone in a coffee shop
  4. Don’t counsel one on one
  5. Don’t make comments that are vague, judgmental or subjective. eg he’s on drugs.
  6. Don’t get angry, aggressive or personal
  7. Don’t turn a “blind eye”
  8. Don’t make threats
  9. Don’t make an example of the employee, or humiliate them in anyway.

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