This Is What To Do If You Have New Year Cash Flow Issues

New year cash flow stress

After the year that was 2020, you and your team were looking forward to Christmas break. You took a deep breath, spent time with the family and caught up with friends.

Back in the office for 2021, and after a few weeks of funds pouring out with staff taking leave, but less productivity in your operations bringing in revenue, you’ve now realised cash flow is very, very tight!

OMG, how are we going to pay the BAS obligation, you’re thinking….

You may have turned to your bank.

To see if you can secure a loan to get you through.

You realise the lending rules are a lot tougher these days and you’re not sure you can secure a business loan to get you through!

If you don’t have an appropriately qualified resource to assist you (i.e. a CFO) then you will invariably suffer with cash flow issues.

You need a consistent and reliable way to accurately forecast future cash flows and be able to know you can afford to pay your next BAS or know when you can afford to hire more staff, or invest in marketing to grow and what this will mean for your cash flow.

A good CFO can help solve this problem by forecasting cash flow and indicating how decisions today will impact cash flow of tomorrow.

Once you have this knowledge at your fingertips you can make decisions with confidence and have visibility in real time.

2021 is the right time for SME business owners and not for profits to find better ways to fund operations. In fact, this year it is more critical than ever as the market moves out of JobKeeper stimulation.

At Lucent Advisory, we spend our days working with SME businesses and not for profit organisations helping them fix their cash flow issues by providing outsourced CFO services without the executive price tag.

Right now we have an offer of the New Year Cash Flow Fixer Discovery Call.

Book a no obligation call with our Managing Director, Rachael Turner, and she’ll provide you with 3 critical things your CFO must be doing and measuring to ensure that you will never run out of cash again, even during a recession or pandemic!

You’ll leave with real actionable insights to help you with cash flow in your business or not for profit.

Book here

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