20 Years Experience In Advising Practice Managers

Why we're experienced in advising Practice Managers

You might be thinking why are my team and I are experienced in advising and working with Practice Managers?

After working with hundreds of small businesses across a wide range of industries for the past 20 years we discovered we were having a lot of success in the professional and medical practice space and a lot of that success was underpinned by the strength of this amazing person we work with called the Practice Manager!

The Practice Manager is arguably the back-bone of most professional service businesses; a strong practice manager enables the practice owners to be able to focus on their patients or clients without having to worry about the day to day running of the practice.

So you see, there’s a lot riding on the Practice Manager’s shoulders and the decisions you make today, along with the support and advice you seek to help you make those decisions, ultimately determines your long term success in the role and the success of your practice.

Recently, our Managing Director, Rachael Turner hosted a webinar especially for Practice Managers. Weather you joined live or didn’t get a chance to RSVP, we want to share the recording with you.

Particular themes that are helpful to all Practice Managers include;

“what can be automated will be automated”

“how to manage your practice’s performance is less than an hour a month”


“tips and learnings from how the best Practice Managers are operating day to day”

We hope you get some learnings out of the recording and if you need one on one advice for what’s the right step forward for you right now, book a no obligation audit call with Rachael here –

WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING (valid until 30th September 2021)

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