Probationary Employee Termination


So, what can you do if a Probationary Employee is underperforming? All new employees are placed on 6 months’ probation and will require a Performance Plan that sets out realistic and achievable goals to be met by the probationer during their probationary period. The probationer must be closely monitored and given ongoing and frequent support throughout this period. Should the

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South Australian State Budget 2016: A Lucent View


Key Items Job Creation Grant Scheme (source page 13 of 2016-17 Budget Measures Statement ) Grants will be made available for every new employee hired and maintained for two years by eligible businesses with total payrolls of $5 million or less. Businesses that increase their number of South Australian employees will be eligible to receive a grant for each additional.

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Our guide to Payroll Year End 2016/17


End of Payroll Year Compliance Deadlines Information we require from you A reminder of some of the changes taking place in the 2016/17 payroll year End of Payroll Year Compliance Deadlines With end of year approaching, as an employer there are a number of compliance deadlines that you need to meet. These include: Issuing annual payment summaries to your.

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A Lucent View: Federal Budget 2016/17


By now you would have seen and heard many of the outcomes of the 2016-17 budget. But how does this affect you as a small business owner? Below we outline some of the relevant key announcements and provide our own Lucent commentary. SMALL BUSINESS Change in definition of small business from turnover less than $2 million to turnover less than.

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Introducing new faces at lucent


Lucent is growing! Not just into our new name and brand, but our client base too. With growth comes a need for extra resources and technical expertise, both of which we embrace. And it’s to that end that we are today delighted to introduce our newest star, Matthew (Matt) Wingrave.

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