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As super busy business owners ourselves, we know you don’t have time to constantly keep yourselves up to date on everything that is going on in the industry, impacting you and your business.

That’s why we publish “luminous” – To save you time and keep you well informed about the topics that are too important to miss. We keep up to date with Industry news, Tax updates, HR and payroll legislation changes and much more. We present it to you in a condensed, easy to digest enews, every other month, so you can stay compliant and ahead of the rest!

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  • December 2017

    As we start preparing for the holiday season it is a great time to reflect on the year that has been. We feel it has been a year of significant change for SA small medium business, some positive and some not so favourable.

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  • October 2017

    Now it’s a critical time for financial management as we must ensure we are prepared for the cash flow impact of this busy season and the inevitable slow down in January/February. If you have a quiet minute to spare have a read of our article on the 7 key numbers that drive profit and cash flow for some great tips here.

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  • September 2017

    Running a business in today’s economy is tough. That’s why it’s very clear to us – what it takes to be truly successful in today’s economy is to shine the light on your 2 critical success factors – your numbers and your people.Last month we shared some of Justine’s insights on how to effectively manage poor performers in your business. This month we wanted to share with you our insights on some of the things you can do to drive the financial performance of your business forward. Having a solid understanding of your numbers and the “story” they are telling you is critical to your business success. That’s why we’ve prepared this e book – Your Best Year in Business yet. Download it here.

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  • July 2017

    Here we are in new financial year already and as our Outsourced Finance and Payroll teams close off last year’s accounts our CFO team is already looking ahead at your goals and opportunities for 2018!

    We have all worked with people that just don’t perform. Whether it is inappropriate behaviour, complete disregard for professional standards or they’re just not up to the job. Whatever the reason, when it comes to business it can be septic. As a manager or a business owner/operator we need to deal with performance problems the right way. That’s why we’ve put together our 14 page Step by Step Guide to Legally and Professionally Managing Poor Performance. It’s jam packed with instructions for managing every situation you might find yourself in, complete with sample forms and templates. Download your copy here.

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  • June 2017

    Lucent Advisory has recently become Employment Hero’s very first national partner as we believe all businesses, no matter how few employees, should have access to efficient and compliant HR processes when they need it and a price that is fair and affordable for all.We achieved this by automating and streamlining previously labour-intensive (and therefore expensive) tasks, we have stripped the waste out of the process and are able to deliver businesses real value time advice and solutions to support their growing teams! Read more about our partnership here.

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