From flying blind to clear vision

Do you need some guidance to help you drive more profit and cash flow in your business? At Lucent we spend our days uncovering the pain points in businesses that are suffering from profit and cash flow leakage. Revealing a true picture of how a business is performing is the first step in steering a business to higher levels of profitability and growth. Our 30-minute, free strategy session will get you started on a journey of business and financial control.

In just 30 minutes you’ll be crystal clear on:

  • The 3 KPIs you should be measuring in your business and how the most profitable businesses in your industry are tracking
  • How you can drive your business’s financial performance in less than an hour a month
  • Three things you can start implementing today to drive higher levels of profit and growth in your business

To qualify for this session you must be an established business with a turnover of at least $1M per annum.

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