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How does an accountant benefit a company?

Accountants are qualified financial experts who help businesses through advising, analysing and reporting business financial and tax matters, while ensuring their financial obligations are met. There is a wide range of different accountants who specialise in certain areas of business such as tax accounting, investment accounting, non-profits and more.

As a business owner, you know your time can be better spent rather than managing your day-to-day accounts. That is why hiring an accountant will be a far better use of your time and money and save you many headaches involving your business finances.

Traditional accountants tend to be retrospective in nature and focus primarily on process and compliance. Undeniably these are functions that every business must undertake, but they do nothing to improve your performance or bottom-line. We take a very different approach. For us, the objective of these activities is to automate and systemise in a way that brings efficiency to your operation, truth to your numbers and productivity through your people.

What does accounting services include?

In essence, accountants are qualified financial experts who help and advise businesses with their financial and tax matters. Common services that accountants offer include:

  • Tax returns and financial statements
  • ASIC returns and compliance
  • GST returns and associated advice
  • Business structure advice
  • Tax planning and minimisation strategies
  • Capital Gains tax (CGT) advice

On top of this, advanced services that strategic CFO accountants would provide to you include:

  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • KPI set up, monitoring and reporting
  • Financial reporting for management and boards
  • Cash flow management
  •  Budgets and cash-flow forecasts
  • Periodic meetings with a qualified CFO
  • Integrated tax planning and advice
  • Exit planning and strategies

Free Strategy Session (Valued at $495)
In just 30 minutes you’ll be crystal clear on:

  • The 3 KPIs you should be measuring in your business and how the most profitable businesses in your industry are tracking
  • How you can drive your business’s financial performance in less than an hour a month
  • Three things you can start implementing today to drive higher levels of profit and growth in your business

To qualify for this session you must be an established business with a turnover of at least $1M per annum.

  • Select the most important one for your strategy session to be booked with the appropriate Lucent Advisory lead. (Other services will still be discussed as appropriate).

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