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Employment Hero – Integrated HR Solution

If you’re looking for an all one HR and payroll system that can assist with improving communication, Employment Hero can help.
  • Lucent Advisory is always on the lookout for the best-in-class technology solutions to help our clients. We have been collaborating with Employment Hero since 2017,  recognising early on its potential to change the way businesses approach Human Resources. 

    Employment Hero is a software program that helps small and medium businesses manage all of their HR, payroll, employee engagement, and benefits programs.

The team behind Employment Hero are the best employment lawyers, HR specialists, payroll officers, and financial analysts in the country.

With decades of expert experience, the team has created a product that provides a better way to manage HR outsourcing, payroll, and employee benefits instantly via the cloud. 

Employment Hero Features

In your daily business operations, Employment Hero integrations can help your team stay engaged, motivated and strategically aligned with key features including: 

  • 1:1s management
  • Feedback  
  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)  
  • Paperless onboarding 
  • Timesheets
  • Leave management 
  • Employee happiness surveys  
  • Learning management system 
  • Reward and recognition  
  • And so much more…


With our expert help, you can set up your new Employment Hero software in a few clicks!
We'll guide you through the Employment Hero integrations and make sure that everything is working perfectly and take away the overwhelm. We can also train your full HR team in the day to day use of Employment Hero and how to get the most out of cloud-based HR Management software.

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Free Employment Hero Demo Session

Our team will walk you through how Employment Hero could be implemented in your HR operations as part of a cloud-based solution.

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What does Employment Hero do?

Employment Hero is a software program that helps small and medium businesses manage all of their HR, payroll, employee engagement, and benefits programs. Their mission is to help employers make the employment process easier and more rewarding for everyone. The software has features to manage employee files, timesheets, rostering, performance reviews, contracts, policies and many more.

How do you onboard a new employee on Employment Hero?

Employment Hero has an inbuilt and automated onboarding workflow that allows you to gather and store all compliance and pay-related information for your new employees. You can then customise the onboarding experience further to reflect your business needs.

What kinds of users and organisation types does Employment Hero work with?

Employment Hero works with growing small-to-medium businesses that may not have the time and resources for an in-house HR team.

How do I upload timesheets to my payroll platform?

Employment Hero’s electronic timesheets relieve employers of tedious tasks involved in how your employees spend their time. The software’s built-in timesheet templates allow businesses to track data such as staff name, date, project name, task, notes as well as any other information that you need specifically. The templates are set up as a standard one-week timesheet with cost-per-hour calculations, overtime, and leave considerations.

Is Employment Hero secure?

Absolutely. Employment Hero takes data protection very seriously as trust and security are their core values. Employment Hero uses the same level of encryption standards and industry-leading technology that banks use to manage the security and integrity of your data.

How do I cancel Employment Hero?

Employment Hero’s subscription-based payment method makes cancelling your subscription very simple to do. Visit the website – http://www.employmenthero.com and login to your account.
Go to your profile or account page.
Click “Billings” or “Subscriptions” or other similar alternatives to see a list of your options.
“Cancel” your subscription.

What Our Clients Say About Making The Switch To Employment Hero

“With no dedicated HR resource, the business was seeking an improved alignment in payroll to manage workforce HR requirements. Lucent were engaged to initially set up the structure given their expertise in this area. Now 6 months on… we are building on the successful setup to improve ongoing HR management by ensuring Lucent’s knowledge and services to benefit our HR management and importantly employee engagement.”
Chris Collins, Burge Barossa


“Before using Employment Hero our main pain point was managing leave across the company. We needed a system that would manage current bookings and future bookings, that would enable us to see leave balances for these, refer to the company as a whole to see who was off and when, and that would articulate with our accounting software to transfer that data through accurately for pay runs.

Using Lucent Advisory to help us through the Employment Hero set up process was wonderful! We had some issues integrating with MYOB that Lucent took care of for us. The team was readily available, friendly and supportive through the process.

Since switching to Employment Hero our pay runs have become much easier with leave management, but we have gained so much more from the use that we didn’t expect. It’s easy to use for the end user, our employees, so the uptake and use of it has been amazing – even for the technophobes!”
Prue Welsh, CRA Building Services


“We were using another system, Connx/Meridian and was frustrated that as an organisation we had no accessibility of the payroll set up from a systems perspective. The old solution required lots of manual entry which meant human errors! And the extra time it was taking to go back and fix these mistakes. The reporting was pretty limited too.

We did our own research searching for new employment management software solutions and came across Employment Hero. This software is so advanced compared to our previous system! However, we soon realised we needed one on one expert help to guide us through the transition process, and that’s where Lucent Advisory saved me! Engaging Fraser from the Lucent team was pivotal and saved me hundreds of hours trying to navigate the process of Employment Hero implementation myself. Fraser provided Employment Hero training for the wider HR team once we were up and running and we particularly love how easy this software is to use.

Lucent Advisory has been so helpful with the stressful situation of migrating software for a large established business. Since implementing Employment Hero our department has saved hundreds of hours and we’ve also outsourced our payroll processing to Lucent Advisory too. It’s great to work with such a talented team who add great value as outsourced HR consultants to Konica.”
Yuri Matsui, Senior H.R. Manager at Konica Minolta Aus & NZ

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