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Grow Your Business with Lucent’s Trusted Payroll Outsourcing Services

Not only can we make the arduous tasks around Payroll one less thing to worry about – we can do it better.

Payroll software with our partner, Employment Hero.

Process faster.

Automate as much of your payroll processes as you like by harnessing the power of a fully integrated HR and payroll platform. Reduce double data handling and the errors that come with it, and never lose a timesheet or leave a request again.

Features & Benefits

Payroll Outsourcing with Employment Hero and Lucent Advisory.

Save your time. Pay your people.
Automated and ATO compliant modern award interpretation
Over 45 of the most common modern awards are already defined and ready to use, or create your own dynamic rule sets to streamline your pay runs.

Rostering, shift management and time and attendance
Budget and allocate shifts based on skills required, enable shift swapping and bidding amongst staff and automate timesheets and pay runs by logging start, break and end times.

Single touch payroll reporting and management
Make better business decisions using reports on all things payroll, employees, time and attendance and even the ATO. Integrate your chart of accounts for a 360* view of your accounting data.

  • Lucent’s Payroll Outsourcing Services Include:

  • Implementation of cloud-based payroll system
  • Payment of salaries and other benefits
  • Payment of superannuation (SuperStream compliant)
  • Management of employee entitlements
  • Complex award and EBA interpretations
  • Terminations and redundancies calculations and processing
  • Monthly reporting
  • Accounting system integration
  • Employee self-service, rostering, time and attendance
  • Single Touch Payroll compliant
  • Integrated HR advice and support

At Lucent, we understand that the business of paying employees can be a minefield of changing legislation, compliance rules, paperwork, paying people the correct rate, and seemingly endless record-keeping. Let’s just say – we’re across all of those details.

Let’s also say that, for this to happen efficiently, payroll needs input from both Accounting and HR experts – and that’s where we come in.

As a leading outsourced payroll provider, Lucent has developed a unique solution of combined expertise in payroll and bookkeeping services that avoids costly mistakes while ensuring your payroll is compliant with Australian legislation.

As part of our payroll outsourcing services, you will also gain access to our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, which will ensure your internal processes are as streamlined and automated as possible. This will not only free up hours of staff time, it will provide your management team with access and real-time visibility of this vital part of your operation.

Remember – few things will disgruntle an employee more than a missed salary payment or superannuation contribution. For expert payroll and bookkeeping services, contact Lucent Advisory today.

We can take care of everything HR compliance too, not just payroll services – – from electronically on-boarding your employees with compliant contracts, providing the right documentation and HR advice at the right time during their lifecycle with your organisation and right through to exit.

With our HR compliance management services, we’ll ensure your employees receive the support and compliant documentation they need from day one – till day gone.

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How much does it cost to outsource payroll, generally?

A survey conducted by the Australian Payroll Association found the average outsourced cost per payslip for businesses with less than 50 employees was $17.72, compared to a cost of $151.57 in-house.

The cost depends on the number of employees your business has, the pay frequency, and the exact services you require, but generally outsourced payroll service firms will charge a monthly base rate, in addition to a per-employee fee.

What do payroll outsourcing services include?

Calculate regular pay and deductions for your employees.
Transferring money into your employee’s account (your payroll) and filing associated PAYG taxes and superannuation payments.

What is the best-outsourced payroll service for small businesses?

Running payroll can be complicated and time-consuming, especially for start-ups. Outsourced payroll providers should handle everything involved in the payroll process. This includes everything from calculating pay and tax deductions to transferring money into employees’ accounts and ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Can you outsource payroll?

Like most tasks you don’t want to do, or can’t do, there are specialists who will take it off your hands – payroll being one of them.

Many business owners prefer outsourcing payroll to the experts, giving them more time and extra peace of mind that it’s in safe hands.

How much will outsourced payroll services cost me with Lucent Advisory?

From as little as $4 per employee per pay run, outsourced services for payroll management don’t cost as much as you think!

Get in touch today for a quote that’s appropriate for the size and complexity of your business. Everyone has different needs. A conversation is no obligation, so what have you got to lose to find out?

Contact us. We’d be happy to help you work out your service cost, and most importantly how much time and stress we can save you!

What do payroll services do?

Payroll providers specialise in payroll services, working with businesses to ensure their employees are paid on time and that all of the employer’s legal obligations are met. They take the worry out of the payroll process for businesses so that they can focus their resources on other important enterprise tasks instead of worrying about how and when employees will be paid.

What services do payroll companies offer?

Payroll companies offer a variety of services which you can choose depending on your business needs. These services include:

  • Payment of salaries (including benefits and reimbursements)
  • Calculating and applying deductions including income taxes and superannuation contributions
  • Payroll compliance
  • HR advice and support
  • Payroll record keeping
Introducing your Lucent Advisory Lead For Payroll Outsourcing

No matter the size of your business, payroll is such an important operation.

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to get wrong . . . and that can lead to all sorts of problems ranging from disgruntled employees to lawsuits.

Consider the obstacles many HR departments are up against:
* An enormous amount of legislation to sift through
* Outdated systems that don’t meet the complexities of the modern workscape
* Lack of specific payroll training

Business owners and CEO’s have grappled with where payroll sits in their business structures for years.  Some businesses and organisations have their CFO oversee the function, while others have payroll reporting to HR.

As we are both CFO and HR experts at Lucent Advisory, we have tried both reporting structures in the past and have found that it is neither!

Fraser Barry, Manager Outsourced Services, Lucent Advisory


Lucent's Advisory Payroll Outsourcing Approach

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