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At Lucent we understand that the business of paying employees can be a minefield of changing legislation, compliance rules, paperwork, paying people the correct rate, and seemingly endless record-keeping. However, we also believe that your payroll team, their expertise, systems and the integrity of their process is a critical ingredient for your business’ success.

At Lucent we recognise that payroll needs input from both accounting and HR experts, therefore, we have developed a unique solution of this combined expertise to deliver a payroll solution that avoids costly mistakes and ensures your payroll is compliant with Australian legislation. You will also gain access to our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform which will ensure your internal processes are as streamlined and automated as possible, freeing up hours of your staff and management team’s time and increasing access and visibility at the same time.


Lucent's Advisory Payroll Outsourcing Approach

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The 4 Most Common Payroll Mistakes Employers Make And How To Avoid Them.

Payroll mistakes aren't easily spotted. Simple errors you think are insignificant, can pile up, and if not fixed, can cause severe problems to your business like missed paydays, tax deadlines and compliance fines.

Through many years of working with the most successful businesses in Australia, we've compiled the Payroll strategies they use to maximize their profits and free up their time.

In our free report, you'll get actionable advice to give your business an immediate competitive edge. Download our free report and get growing!

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