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At Lucent we offer a different approach

At Lucent, we are dedicated professionals in outsourced Finance, Payroll and HR located right here in Australia, so you know your business is in safe reliable hands. We recognise these three pillars of Finance, HR and Payroll must work in perfect harmony for your business to thrive. 

Whilst our services can be utilised independently, we offer seamless integration for greater efficiency. We believe that automation and systemisation should enhance your efficiency, bring clarity to your financial data, and boost your team’s productivity. 

When you can trust your data and leverage your human capital effectively, you gain the confidence to make informed decisions and propel your business forward.

However, having trustworthy data is just one piece of the puzzle. The true value lies in interpreting the data and using it to shape your business strategy. Our services are designed to give you a full 360-degree, top to bottom view that your business deserves.

Data integrity combined with insightful interpretation equals success in business, let us partner with you on the journey to Illuminating a Smarter Business 

Lucent Advisory is a team of highly accomplished Accounting and HR Payroll professionals located in Adelaide, South Australia.

We are an Australian based team with a passion to provide forward-thinking accounting, HR, Payroll and Business Advisory Services. Our approach is powered by technology, and innovative strategies, aimed at delivering the best outcomes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Australia. 

Why choose Lucent

Comprehensive Outsourced Business Solutions

We offer a unique blend of Financial and Payroll/HR solutions to streamline your operations and improve profitability

Proactive and Forward-Thinking

We believe in transparency with our clients, by providing the right tools and information to make the right decisions in business

Transparent & Flexible Service Model

We offer clear, fixed, and fair pricing models with no hidden costs. Offering scalable services that adjust as your business grows

Innovative Approach

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and methodologies to provide efficient and effective solutions

Ready for a Smarter Business?

Contact us now by filling in the form or call 08 8471 7007 

Email: admin@lucentadvisory.com.au


Find us at

Level 2 422 King William St,
Adelaide 5000 South Australia

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Our Trusted Partners

Chartered Accountants

Choosing a Chartered Accountant is the right choice for any business, At Lucent, the depth and breadth of their expertise will help you see the bigger picture and chart the best course of action for your business. 

Virtual CFO Association

Hiring a Virtual CFO for your business can be a game changer, Lucent will be your numbers guru, and Strategic, Financial Management Expert. We will implement crucial financial reporting systems with full visibility to make the right decisions now and in the future.     

Employment Hero

Lucent is an inaugural partner of Employment Hero when it started back in 2006. Few companies have our comprehensive knowledge of this innovative platform. Employment Hero is designed to streamline your daily HR processes, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operation.

Fathom Advisor

Imagine having a set of reports provided to you every month in an easy-to-read format so you can track, visualise and improve business performance. Lucent are expert at creating reports for you to gain insights and clarity. After all the numbers don’t lie.  


Lucent Advisory was one the early adopters of Xero Accounting Software with the intent of making the business life of its clients easier. They are a long-standing Gold Partner and what Lucent doesn’t know about Xero isn’t worth knowing!

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