Ruth Ottewill

No matter the size of your business, payroll is such an important operation.

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to get wrong . . . and that can lead to all sorts of problems ranging from disgruntled employees to lawsuits.

Consider the obstacles many HR departments are up against:

  • An enormous amount of legislation to sift through
  • Outdated systems that don’t meet the complexities of the modern workscape
  • Lack of specific payroll training

Business owners and CEO’s have grappled with where payroll sits in their business structures for years. Some businesses and organisations have their CFO oversee the function, while others have payroll reporting to HR.

As we are both CFO and HR experts at Lucent Advisory, we have tried both reporting structures in the past and have found that it is neither!

At Lucent we believe that managing payroll should be considered a profession and its own business division.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Ruth Ottewill, our new National Payroll Manager, pictured above. Ruth will head up our dedicated payroll division, leading our already established team of payroll specialists and system implementors.

Ruth has over 20 years of experience in payroll and the finance sector. She earned her Payroll Management Certificate in conjunction with Macquarie University and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business. Ruth has worked in payroll (and tax) for some big corporates and very large businesses including KPMG, BHP, Origin Energy and Peregine Group (On The Run).

She loves the challenge of getting the job done right and on time with every pay period, as well as understanding the human element and the complexities of an ever-changing industrial relations landscape.

We are thrilled to have Ruth on board and see this as a huge win for not only Lucent but our payroll clients alike. Ruth has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to share with our clients that would typically only be available at the corporate level. At Lucent, we are bringing you this expertise at a fraction of the cost!
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Now is a great time to consider engaging us to manage your payroll if you haven’t already and if you have, we are proud to offer you the additional support and expertise we know Ruth will bring to the team.

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