Performance management: the ultimate business investment

Our highly regarded performance management package provides you with the high level advice, clarity and the guiding light needed to achieve your business goals faster and more effectively.

This sought after solution offers real time support and advice as well as state of the art cloud based technology. We offer ongoing training and development for your senior management team, leading to a high performing business that sets you apart from the rest.

Working with people can be as rewarding as it is complex, that’s why you need professional HR management consultants to lead the way and ensure your employees are not just happy but performing well. Low performance, dysfunctional culture and high staff turnover significantly impacts the profitability and culture of your business.
With top performing employees, comes a top performing company.

Researchers agree that preemptive intervention is key to ultimate employee performance. According to one study 85 percent of Australians are unhappy in their job, with a majority of the reason due to poor management and other management directed reasons. Not only that, it’s been uncovered that ‘…the way organisations and leaders treat their employees may not only impact if they stay or go, but how they end up leaving if they do resign.’

All this adds up to significant costs and time expense for your business. Rather than wait until things go awry, it’s crucial that you put best practices and innovative results into place now and make your business the best it can be.

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Our performance management solution:

  • manages your online performance review processes
  • develop and maintains an annual strategic HR plan
  • keeps policies and procedures updated when legislation changes
  • maintains up to date position descriptions that outlines duties and responsibilities
  • conducts annual employee satisfaction surveys and provides feedback and actionables
  • offers high level professional advice and support for performance management issues
  • conducts exit interviews
  • offers educational training programs and resources to create great leaders
lucent’s performance management solution will lead to:

  1. Amplified profits
  2. Increased productivity and innovation
  3. Visible motivation, job satisfaction and staff enthusiasm
  4. Reduced need for termination
  5. Improved staff retention
  6. A business that is able to grow

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing your team’s enthusiasm about their own jobs and the overall vision for the company – The value of this is unmeasurable.

We invite you to see the difference for yourself with our popular performance management solutions.

Performance management packages are customised to your needs and includes:

  • development of a strategic HR plan
  • creating your company performance management system and goal and objectives setting and attaining
  • performance review templates
  • tools to manage your underachieving performance management
  • management coaching
  • goal and objectives setting and attaining
  • cultivating a winning organisational culture
  • complying with termination laws and implementing best practices
  • unlimited support and advice

Why choose lucent advisory for performance management solution?

At lucent advisory, we have dedicated professionals in each of the finance and HR disciplines because we believe that for businesses to really thrive these two functions must work in harmony.

With decades of industry practice and experience with working with some of the most notable brands in South Australia (such as Fast Movers program SA and Telstra Business Award winners). We’re your ultimate choice in outsourcing your performance management.

All of our packages are available individually or as an integrated service, offering your business the absolute best.

If there’s one investment your business makes this year, make it this one and enjoy the rewards. We’re in the business of creating effective leaders and accomplished employees that really make a difference to your bottom line. We’re invested in the ongoing performance management that really drives success.

By outsourcing all your performance management essentials, you are unburdened from the timely processes and can focus on running your business well, supported by productive and happy employees.

What’s more is that you’ll experience cultural improvement and better retention of employees as a result.

HR Manager is ideal for small, medium and large business and companies who want to outperform their competition.

Better people doing better jobs means better business!Justine Pepper, Director, HR Advisory.

Performance management package cost

Pricing starts from $695 per month. Customised quotes can be tailored to your needs. Take advantage of this proactive service and set your business apart from your competitors today.

Having a performing team starts with recruiting the right people for the job and for your organization culture.
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Invest in your winning team today.

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